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public fuck 54 (12 minutes) HD (1280 x 720 pixel)

a stranger fucked me in a public park. a dad with a thick grey mustache caught me in my car jerking in a public park close to the beach. he was wearing only a tight speedo. he came to me and after some jerking a car was getting close and stopped behind us and the man inside was watching us. then the dad began to fuck me and after a while the other car was driving away. it felt great to get fucked by this hot man and he moaned and his body was shaking as he shot his load up my ass. and then a bicyclist caught us ! i didn’t shot my load as i was horny and hot for another man to fuck me this afternoon but that dad is a really hot fucker and i hope i will meet him again ! filmed with 7 cameras. HD VIDEO (1280 x 720 pixel) / member site / clipstore 

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